Water Well Drilling and Licensing

Meridian Earth Sciences offers water drilling and well license service with affordable drilling costs and prices.


What should consider those who want to have water drilling?

First of all, in Turkey there is a legal procedure for water drilling like all kind of construction works. According to the regulations of General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, it is necessary to get license for each drilling which deeper than 10 meters.

Well license can be obtained by registered companies like Meridian Earth Sciences. Drilling a well without a well license is illegal and have punishment.


Should we have a site selection before drilling?

The most productive location should be selected before drilling. The geophysical method such as “Electrical Resistivity Method” use on the purpose of site selection. The resistivity method is an artificial sourced method and it is based on the practice of “ohm’s law” in the field. The potential difference is measured by transmitting current into the underground from the electrodes that positioned on the earth surface. Based on this, the resistivity of the formation is calculated. According to the resistivity value, the type of soil or rocks and the presence of water is determined.


Water Drilling

According to the geological structure of the ground, the drilling process is determined in advance to be done with rotary drill or pneumatic drill and then get to work. There are differences between drilling method which used in hard rocks and soft formations. In soft formations the rotary drill method is to be used and in hard formations the pneumatic drill method is to be used. In some cases two of these techniques are used together.

When the target depth is reached, the drill and drill pipes are taken out and the well is protected with a casing pipe with a smaller diameter than the drill diameter. The well is designing according to the hydrological characteristics of formations with filters or closed drill pipes. The space between the well wall and this casing pipe is filled with washed and sieved granulated gravel. The well is cleaned, developed and made ready for use.

Water Well Drilling and Licensing
Water Well Drilling and Licensing
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